My Sweetest Downfall of the Week


If you’re a fan of the show Pretty Little Liars, chances are you have spotted the athletic, super hot and sexy Shay Mitchell who plays the role of Emily, a lesbian who came out to her military parents, got discriminated at school, and at first was not accepted by her family. 

I am repeatedly in awe by straight actors who play gay roles as they could internalize the struggles they absolutely have no idea about - the discrimination, the non-acceptance of the family. Shay Mitchell is one of them, and incidentally, she is a Filipino, like me. (She is half-Filipino.) And it helps to have one portray a gay character here in the Philippines, because we have a very conservative culture. It is very rare that there are gay women in films. Even if there are gay men, their struggles are not portrayed, instead, they are the ones who give comedy, who makes people laugh at gay antics. 

We only have ONE out lesbian celebrity. In my opinion, in a very patriarchal society, gay men are more accepted than gay women. 

So, kudos to Shay Mitchell, for doing an impressive job on a very challenging role. I I do hope Filipino actors will follow your example. 

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